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About us

Structured on a strong base of family and Christian values, Yummies provides a safe environment for children from 3 months to 6 years to explore their individual talents and skills. Faith based education encourages children to grow into well prepared and compassionate young people.

Developed to teach culture and faith, Yummies offers a family orientated environment with a range of different activities which nurture your child and their interests.

The nursery school & crèche offers the following facilities & service:

  • 1000 sqm plot so lots of places to run and play.
  • 10 spacious classrooms for expanding young minds.
  • Shady outdoor areas so there is plenty of fresh air!
  • Horse riding classes offered during school hours.
  • Swimming lessons offered during school hours.
  • Plenty of extra-mural activities: Soccer, Ballet, Catrobatz, Drama-play and Swimming
  • Sleepovers once a month (to give the parents a well-deserved rest)
  • Two meals and a snack daily


Horse riding

Brother & sister team, Isabel van Emmenis and Hein Stander offer top quality facilities in a happy and joyful environment, ensuring the best possible head start for your child on their educational journey.

“You have to love a child before you can teach him”